Projects in Progress

Hey gang!

I'm working on a couple of exciting projects for this year. One of the big ones is a resource book aimed at artists (comic/illustration artists, new and seasoned) who want to learn how to draw clothes more convincingly! I'll be showing how clothes are constructed, how they work on different body types, and how you can use clothing to help tell your stories. I've never created instructional material before but I'm really excited to share what I know (and love) about drawing fashion.

I'm also currently working on a submission to an anthology comic called "You Died" by Iron Circus Comics. I've been feeling a bit stuck with it but I think I'm on the right track now. 

The current Alencia book is still in progress, as well as me trying to pitch it to comic publishes! Fingers crossed something good comes out of it!

I'm also working on a little Dungeons and Dragons supplement book of magical items that can be used in games (with a more cosmetic/cute leaning as well as some other more traditional leaning items). It'll be available digitally as well as in zine format. I'm ALSO making a few sets of printable table top mini figures that can be used for D&D games! They will be available digitally to print at home, or card stock sets that you can cut yourself but I'll be bringing to conventions. 

A Teifling wearing a dazzling pair of magical jeweled earrings. What affect do they have?

A Teifling wearing a dazzling pair of magical jeweled earrings. What affect do they have?

Well I better head back to work. Thanks for staying along with me and stay tuned for more content! <3 

If you’d like to see more sneak peaks of things I’m working and exclusive content then check out my Patreon page! (You can see examples of the projects I’m working on now rather than just hearing about them!)

Adventures in molding #1

A few years ago I used sculpy to create a demon summoning token, a “Bremok”, for the demon Kathoron from Alencia book 2 “Tomb of the Unspoken.” I’ve been very interested in creating props from my comics for a few years now but had only done research up until now. I now have mold putty and can make a mold to replicate my Bremok token! I plan to experiment with this mold putty to make other items from Alencia’s world, as well as more written supplements like excerpts from Alencia’s journal and informational books.

More to come!


Excited Tieflings

I did some illustration work today of my character Balalthia. I made her to be a D&D character but haven’t gotten to play her yet. For now I’m content to draw her. The inked version of this was a commission example so now this is an example for fully colored commissions. I’m aiming to do some work on so this was also made as an example of character illustration for that. 


I’m also working on an instructional ebook for helping comic artists think about fashion and clothing in their work, with tips on how to draw certain items of clothing and how to research very specific historical costumes. I have so many ideas going through my head for it, I’m so excited to share more about it soon! 

2018 Catching Up

Wow gang, I sure have neglected this blog :/

With all the upsets going on online (tumblr being even more of a dumpster fire than usual, even Patreon and YouTube having content/rule issues) I realized I need to put more time and care into my own website so I will start doing that. Think of it as a permanently needed new years resolution.

I thought I’d do a bit of reflection so I can see how far I’ve come before setting up my goals for the next year. Looking back I hit some highs, and lows. My biggest of both tie in together.

I was selected to table at SPX this year, a huge opportunity that I spent most of the year gearing up for. I churned out three zines I was excited about (one was really a soft cover art book), as well as getting to work on the next Alencia book, and made more new merch like stickers and acrylic charms. However hurricane Florence had other plans and I had to make the decision to put me and my helpers’ safety above going. I had to cancel the con and the hotel booking. Then the storm took enough of a turn that I probably could have gone. Missing SPX was a huge blow to me. So many of my contemporaries and heroes were there. I felt like tabling at SPX would have been a huge boon my comics career and would have allowed me some great networking opportunities. So after spiraling into depression for a good two weeks after (which I was able to find some solace in Skyrim and Vine compilation videos on YouTube) I finally got back on the horse and into creating.

One of those creating projects that made me feel better was jewelry making. I started following a lot of jewelry makers and metal smiths on Instagram and I really admire the work they are able to create. I really wish I had been able to take silver-smithing or metal work in art school but I never had the chance to explore those classes. I hope I can in the future (something I WILL be looking into). As fun as beading and putting together jewelry is, I really wish I could create more unique pieces that no one else has to offer. I think this will be become a goal later on.

As for comics I have a few things sorted out that I’m working towards. For one, I now realize that for “Unintentionally Alice” I really should have just done the comic digitally. For the recent art book I did a one page comic about Alice’s parents and doing it digitally just looked so much better. When doing the actual comic book I kept swaying back and forth on how I was going to draw and ink it. Would I use brush and ink, or ink pens? So I did both and colored digitally. I spent so much energy worrying about how I was presenting the comic that by the end of it I was easily burnt out (I feel it shows in the coloring). But knowing all this just pushes me to make the next issue SO MUCH better. I want to do Ryan and his characters much more justice, and now I’m excited to work on issue #2.

I’m still chugging away at the next Alencia book. I’ve finished the writing to a point that I can present this story as done (or this part, since Alencia’s story will be ongoing). I’ve also been shopping Alencia to publishers I really want to work with. Fingers crossed! As for working on the newest book I’m really loving it so far. I’m so excited about this new story, with refreshed characters (from my first book “Kale: Lost & Found”) as well as new characters, and much more interesting story/better writing. I’m also proud of how far my digital work has come. Clip Studio Paint has been a joy to work with and I feel it’s starting to show in my digital work.

Its taken me a while to write this so I will come back later with my art goals for next year. I want to ruminate on them more while I try not to panic about Christmas being around the corner.

I hope you all have a safe holiday season/Yule/New Years and have lots of good food! As the sky gets darker make sure the flame inside you doesn’t go out <3

Spring Updates

Hey Everyone! I got some cool news! I just launched my Patreon page!

I wanted to launch it sooner but I had it in my head that I needed to make a cool intro video to introduce myself and my artwork. And while I do want to make little videos like that and upload them to YouTube I felt that if I was going to use Patreon I'd need to figure out how to use it. And how better to figure that out then to just do it. So I did! Be sure to check it out since I can (and do) make public posts on there. I can also set posts as patron only with the option of becoming public in a few days. Keep your eyes out as I have a public post right now and another popping up in 2 days~ Any support is appreciated including sharing my link and chatting with me in comments.

I've got one more upcoming convention for this year, Fredcon! After that I will be looking into new conventions to try in 2018, including some I will be trying with friends. I'll release details as I get them. I will also be working on releasing new items to my Etsy store including new comics, prints, buttons and acrylic charms! I've been busy (and stressed) at my day job so I will likely upload new things to the store after Fredcon. But if that changes I will let you all know! 

I'm feeling really optimistic and excited for the future, thanks for coming along on this journey with me! <3


Upcoming Conventions

Hey Everyone! I hope this year is treating everyone well! I come bearing news of conventions and new merch!

May 13-14th is Tidewater Comicon in Virginia Beach! Here is the FaceBook event page~

I will be in the Artist Alley at table 1607, near the Batmobile by the "Game Zone." Here is the exhibitor map.  I will be bringing some new original items including the first issue of my newest comic book series "Unintentionally Alice!" This series is special to me as my fiance Ryan Moody is the writer and it is my first real collaboration on a book series. (He will also be at the table so each issue of UA we sell will be signed by both of us!) It's a much lighter tone to my other original series, "Alencia" but I feel it is it's own beast entirely. It is an anthropomorphic slice of life story about a bunny girl named Alice who gets a job at a maid cafe as she deals with life after college. I'm really proud of Ryan's writing and character development and I'm so excited for the places he's taking the story after this first introduction issue. 

                            The cover for issue #1 of Unintentionally Alice.

Besides the new book I will also have new buttons, a book mark, and stickers featuring the main characters of Unintentionally Alice; as well as an Alencia sticker! I'm very excited about these buttons and stickers as they turned out SO GOOD! I was meant to have acrylic charms of the Alice girls and Alencia but unfortunately that fell through. I hope to have them later this year when I return to FREDCON.

I will also have a new print and mini poster done on a lovely white pearlescent card-stock! This illustration combines my love of anthropomorphic characters, Lolita fashion, and donuts! She'll be replacing my older sweet Lolita cat girl print that recently sold out. I think a fresh update was needed, but don't worry, my days of drawing fashionable cat girls are far from over. The mini poster is a limited edition (only 10 copies!) and will be numbered and signed.

I will also have some original paintings for sale, both wooden plaques and framed watercolor illustrations! Each are a one of a kind piece of art ready for a place in your home!

July 15th is FREDCON at the Spotsylvania Mall in Fredericksburg! Check out the event page!

I really enjoyed vending at this convention last year and meeting so many fantastic people! It was a joy to be at and I'm really excited to come back. The convention is a one day event taking place in the lovely Spotsylvania Mall. I hear this year will be bigger and take up more of the mall's space, which means more awesome vendors and fans! I love seeing all the cosplayers and people sharing the joys of their nerdy fandoms. Come hang out with me and Ryan and enjoy a lovely day!

As for merch I'm hoping to have acrylic character charms by then, and maybe a new print? Ryan and I are getting married in September so we're pretty busy with planning :P I can't wait to see everyone at these conventions!

Entering 2017

Well well, it has been an interesting year. While I've faced some hardships, like being in a car accident, health issues, and the death of a friend, there have still been plenty of good things going on this year. Now I want to work hard to make sure 2017 offers more good things too. I don't necessarily want to talk about resolutions here but I do have some fun plans in store.

Conventions: Right now I have only one convention secured and that's Tidewater Comicon! I attended this convention as part of a family vacation last year and had many friends and acquaintances who vended. I heard such good things and had so much fun there that I decided I had to apply. I did and I got in! I'll have an artist alley table all to myself along side Voidbug and many other talented artists. I'm very excited for it and am considering this my biggest show for the year. 

I will also be reapplying to Fredcon in the summer. It was a great one day show in Fredricksburg, VA and I hope to have just as good a time there again.

Comics: Right now I'm working on book/issue #1 of "Unintentionally Alice." This is a project me and Ryan Moody have been working on for a while and I'm glad to finally get some headway on it. My goal is to finish the first book this year but I'm not sure when this year would be a realistic deadline. I've been having trouble with this book because I set myself up for more challenges. Working with Ryan is great and he's gotten a lot of the writing done into the next book, its' pin pointing how I want to physically make this book that has been difficult. I've already restarted drawing the first 5 or 6 pages. I had started using smaller manga paper but realized that formatting the book for print would be difficult with this paper's size. So now I hand cut pieces of Bristol Board into the standard US comic size (11"x17"). This will give the comic a standard US format which I haven't done since college and I've also decided to color the comic. That is my biggest challenge since I normally work in grey scale.

Making up my mind on an inking method was hard enough but how to consistently color this book has been plaguing me. I digitally color illustrations frequently and that rarely bothers me so I've been tinkering with Clip Studio Paint for a few months and picked up some techniques that I like using, as well as taking note of color usage from other comics I like. The key for me is to remember to keep things simple otherwise I easily over think them and throw myself in panic mode. And panic attacks, no matter how small or contained, are no help when making art. I think I'm finally on the right track and am looking forward to this book; as well as other UA merch I would like to make, like stickers and acrylic charms and character stands! (I consider character stands the next best thing to having an action figure!)

I also took at look at my next few scripts for Alencia comics (I think I have easily another 10 years worth of stories?) and I'm so excited to work on these! I have so many plans and developments for Alencia that I'm simply bursting to do them! But the question of Kale's story still remains. For those who don't know I self published a comic in 2010 called "Kale: Lost & Found." It was my first attempt at doing a book with a 1 year deadline and for a convention. The problem was that I was still in art school when I did it so I didn't really have as much time as I thought to finish it as a one shot self contained story so instead I had an issue #1. I have since sold all my copies (a few may still be floating around in MADarts and Atlas Comics) but I wanted to retell the story and complete it in the Alencia time line. Kale is a wonderful character and I don't want to give up on her, but she's become a road block for future Alencia stories. I will need to tell Kale's story next in order to continue the timeline properly. I started writing the new Kale script and at about 8 pages in I realized that I should be writing it from Alencia's point of view so it fits into her series better while still telling Kale's narrative. So that is my next challenge in comic making. But honestly, if after writing it out if it still doesn't work I may have to consider throwing it out. And I don't want to do that so I'm interested to see how I can make this work and tell what I believe is a compelling story.

No matter what the new year brings I will be working on comics and I feel very privileged to do so, even if it is only in my spare time. I wish you all a healthy and prosperous new year. I hope you'll join me in making 2017 a better year for everyone!

One more con to go!

Hey everyone! FredCon and OmegaCon have come and gone, and now I have one more event to vend at before the craziness of the holidays hits my day job. That will be the Fredricksburg Pagan Pride Day on September 10th.  I will be there with all three Alencia issues, prints, jewelry (some new pieces and the last of my crystal ones. I'm going to be phasing these out through my next few conventions. Jewelry is fun to make but I want to concentrate on things more related to my comics.) as well as original art pieces (illustrations and paintings).

I have also posted the preview pages for the third Alencia book, "Voice in the Walls." It's up in the COMICS section of the website.

In the mean time I'll be chugging away at the first issue of "Unintentionally Alice" and applying to conventions for next year. I'll see you next time with more news on that <3

2016 Conventions

Hello everyone! I have good news! I'm now confirmed for my third con/event of 2016...


OmegaCon is pretty local for me and I had an absolute blast there last year. It is in a different location this year, it's back in it's original hotel but I'm hoping the turn out will be just as lively and engaging as it was last year. This is also good for me because I was using OmegaCon as my deadline for completing the third Alencia book. (Unintentionally Alice is still in progress but will likely be released some time next year. I'll release more info as I figure things out. But I'll definitely be working on it more once "Voice in the Walls" is done.)

If you're interested in going to OmegaCon be sure to hit up the facebook page and I hope to see some familiar faces there!

(Also the 'events' page is now updated with all the cons I will be attending this year.)


Coming Up Soon!

Joyous Joy! My iMac is now totally fixed and most of my programs are working again (at least everything I need to finish the next Alencia book is!). I'm now a few pages in on toning and lettering "Alencia: Voice in the Walls," and am aiming to be done by the end of July at the latest. I realized while working on pages that I don't actually have a cover done yet so most of my deadline will probably go towards finishing that so the book can be sent to the printers on time. I'm just glad I'm doing alright with time.

As 2016 started I made a decision to not table at conventions this year but to attend new ones and do research for ones I would like to apply to next year. I was hoping this would take pressure off of me but I actually got excited instead and applied for a few cons at the end of this year :P I'm currently waiting to hear from a local anime/gaming convention soon, but in the mean time here is my current 2016 convention line up:

FREDCON- Saturday, July 16, 10AM- 7PM

FREDCON was nice enough to make me this neat social media banner with my mug on it!

FREDCON was nice enough to make me this neat social media banner with my mug on it!

137 Spotsylvania Mall Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22407-1126

"First Ever Fredcon being held at Spotsylvania Town Center. Comic Creators. Vendors. Artist Alley. Games. And More!!! Free to the public." (from their Facebook page)

3rd Annual Fredericksburg Pagan Pride Day, Saturday, September 10th, 10AM- 6PM

Old Mill Park, 2216 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

"Come celebrate Pagan Pride Day with your Community!"

This will be my first outdoor event so I have a little shopping list ready for things that I will need to purchase, like a 10'x10' canopy, folding table, chairs, etc. I'm pretty excited for this event as I've never done events outside of comics or anime (or 'outside' in general) but I think the deep pagan roots some of my work has should fit in well here. My buddy Reach will also be there so if you're in the area be sure to come check us, and the rest of Pagan Pride Day, out! You can also check out their website here.


As well as these conventions I'm also gearing up to relaunch my Etsy store. I've been on Storenvy for a while now but I realized as a buyer I tend to use Etsy more for purchasing things from other artists, so I'm going to reopen my Etsy and have books and trinkets on offering for the holiday season! My day job is VERY demanding during the holiday season (usually Thanksgiving through till just after Christmas) so if I do get orders I will be taking care of them before my shifts/during the mornings. Luckily I live near the post office so this shouldn't be too difficult but it will be my first time having an operating online store that I will actually be trying to sell from during the holidays. I've kind of dropped the ball on offering anything due to the day job and being so exhausted from my shifts, but I'd really like to give it a go this year and see what happens.

That's all my plans for right now. I've got some small paintings and projects ready for these upcoming conventions and have been sharing my progress on those via Instagram.

Back to work on comics for me now!

It's Gonna Be May!

Hey everyone! It's been a few months since my last check in so here's what's going on:

Book 3 of Alencia is completely drawn and inked and scanned into my computer. But then my computer hasn't been working and I've been struggling to simultaneously fix it and get so anxious that I ignore it. So now neither is working so I have face the fact that I will soon need to carry my huge iMac into a store and have someone hopefully fix it. Or tell me it's "vintage" like last time >_> However I still have the files so my plan is that if I can't fix my computer I can either get some programs for my PC laptop so I can work on them there, or use the computers at my work on the weekend to work on them. So there are back up plans in place. 

Aside from Alencia I have also finished drawing a 7 page comic about my childhood death experience (which is an important catalysis in the creation of Alencia). I'm trying to keep it in a more rough zine style book so I can sell it at a cheaper price point. I still need to add text (I've been trying with a program that came with my scanner but it is absolute rubbish so I need to start over).

I'm about 10 inked pages into the first issue of "Unintentionally Alice." I haven't gotten to do anymore coloring on it but now that Alencia and the mini comic are done being drawn I'm chugging away on Alice.

I've also started painting on wooden panels lately with acrylics. It's fun because I've been painting desserts and fantastical portraits of animal people. And I can use glitter and no one can tell me no! I'm planning on re-opening my Etsy store and selling some of these paintings on it. I've also made a ton more crystal point necklaces, my "adventurer trinkets" that I like bringing to conventions. They are fun to make and more of a hobby while the rest of my art is my passion.

Aside from all the arting I'm also trying to get into some local conventions. Fingers crossed they work out! The ones I'm focusing on are during the summer so after that I can focus on beefing up my Etsy store and hopefully making some holiday season sales while my day job picks up for the hectic seasonal rush. I've really dropped the ball on stocking and promoting my store during the last two years so I really want to get on that, as well as reaching out to local stores with more products and promotions. I'm starting to feel like a real business :P

Entering 2016

Hello everyone! It's been quite a hectic year and now we're well into 2016.

Where to begin?

As far as comic projects go I'm about 10 drawn and inked pages into both "Alencia: Voice in the Walls" and "Unintentionally Alice." I'm enjoying both projects but both present different challenges. Alencia's book is currently at a point with characters talking so I do my best to keep layout interesting so no one looks at the page and is like "oh no, talking heads!" I try to avoid that and keep it interesting for both the reader and myself. Alice's challenge is that I have chosen to digitally color this series. I'm trying to keep it simple so I don't loose my mind doing it (I've only used digital grey tones until now) as well as trying not to get too hung up on things like shadows and how things should be lit, I'm allowing myself to be more free with the coloring so it looks good as well as being fun to do.

WIP shot of page 1 of "Unintentionally Alice."

I've been trying for the last few months to get tables for a few cons in my state/area. I haven't had much luck this time around so I've opted to experience conventions as an attendee; and a cosplayer. This year I'm joining three of my friends for a group cosplay of the lady adventurers, The Rat Queens! I'm incredibly excited to go to Mysticon, where we will be debuting our costumes, (and George R.R. Martin will be there!) as well as learning how to make foam armor. I'm going to be carrying over techniques I learn from this into future prop making as well.

My desk after applying wood glue to the bent pieces of foam. The book I'm using as a guide is "Foamsmith" by Bill Doran. Check out his YouTube channels for more tutorials!

Since I don't have any conventions lined up yet I have been diligently working on merchandise, as well as books, that I can later print and sell online as well as future conventions. I've been working on designs for stickers, formatting art books, working with apoxie sculpt to customize some Pop Vinyl figures, as well as looking into more ambitious projects like vinyl toy making! One of my many hobbies includes toy collecting, specifically anime figures and statues, and I hope that one day I can start making detailed toys and figures of my own characters. As technology grows with things like 3D printers these kinds of ambitions of mine are becoming more and more reachable which I find incredibly inspiring. Dream big or go home right?

I have the next two weeks off from work (a non-paid 2 week winter break that my company is experimenting with) so I'm looking forward to staying home and working my butt off all my projects; starting with tweaking this website. Look forward to more updates and don't forget to follow me on facebook for more behind the scenes looks and works in progress! 

Alencia T-Shirt and Podcast Recomendations

Hey guys!
I've been playing around with the idea of making Alencia T-shirts for a long time (especially since I work at a t-shirt company) and have been working on thumbnail ideas during my lunch breaks. Today I decided to give my favorite idea a try and drew it out today.

My initial idea is to make the shirt look like it might belong to a metal band. I've been playing with motifs and decided to have Theolyn star on the shirt himself. An undead cat is pretty metal right?

I'm going to try and make an order soon. They might have to remove the grey background for me so it can be printed on a dark grey shirt, so the black line art is preserved. Once I print myself one or two I will photograph them and see if there is any interest in getting more made. I work in quality control so I'll be really picky about their print quality :P
I also want to try another, maybe more metal shirt design, featuring Alencia and using really bright colors like green and purple and playing with white usage and using the black of the T-shirt for "spot black" areas. I'm as excited about possibly making t-shirts as I am for making comics! I'll keep you posted here as well as my Facebook page with updates on this project!

I also want to point out lately that while working I've been listening to some really great podcasts. First is "The Cromcast" where the three hosts read and then discuss the works of Robert E. Howard (author of Conan).  Their first season featured Conan stories, the second was heroines and swashbuckling bad-ass ladies, and the current third series is covering Solomon Kane. I knew nothing about Solomon Kane coming into the podcast and as I learned more about him and his stories I've started noticing some great similarities to them and complexities that I've been thinking about regarding Alencia's holy mission and her feelings on it. It has given me things to think about and examine and I'm really enjoying it so far and highly recommend the podcast! You can listen to them on iTunes and the Sticher app. Here is their blog and Facebook page.

The next podcast I've been listening to is "The Adventure Zone." I was recommended it by a friend and I've been laughing so hard at it. It's a group of brothers and their dad (all adults) playing a game of D&D together. There's a wizard named Taako (Taco) and it's just wonderful. I don't get to play D&D anymore and now I can live vicariously through this hilarious podcast. Here is the blog I've been listening through. I'm on episode 7 as I write this.

So enjoy the t-shirt progress, enjoy the podcasts and I'll keep you guys up to date on my projects! Find me on facebook, instagram, and tumblr~

Paintings and Projects Update

Hello everyone! Sorry for the radio silence. It's been a busy few months so I thought I'd update you on a few things I've been working on~

Earlier this year a dear friend of mine passed away due to complications from Diabetes. His passing hit the RVA community pretty hard and many friends of mine were also affected by his passing. He was a wise, gentle and welcoming man and my heart forever goes out to his family.  I regret I was unable to make it to his funeral but I wanted to be able to honor him in my own way. Yesterday I finally completed my tribute to him.

Watercolor, acrylic paint, graphite and marker on Watercolor paper.

As good as it feels to work in watercolor again I've been sticking with inkwork a lot lately. Here are a few Alencia themed pieces I've been working on while doing some more writing for the next few books and story arches.

Rough unedited drawing of a scene I had in my head involving Alencia rescuing Theolyn from a tower/dungeon he was captured in, where his life is truly at risk. I wanted to show her anger and wrathful feelings overcoming her.

Rough ink drawing of Alencia and a still unnamed friend. She'll be involved in a whole story arc, I'm very much looking forward to it.

This is was meant to be part of a sign for my table display I made for a November convention I tabled at. I ended up not using it but I may later down the road as I really like how she came out.

Aside from the next Alencia books I'm also working on my collaboration project with my fiance' Ryan, "Unintentionally Alice." Its' an anthropomorphic drama/comedy about a group of girls who work at a maid cafe. I recently re-started working on the comic pages for it as the first 5 or so pages I already completed didn't meet my standards. I'm currently working on page 3 and these new pages are such an improvement already! Aside from redrawing them I've also decided to change the size of the book. It will be a standard US comic size, rather than the smaller 'manga size' I usually print my books in. To accommodate this I'm now working on larger sheets of Bristol paper (11x17") and I'm enjoying it so far. I haven't worked in this size since my days at SCAD about six years ago :P

I've also been working on a lot of illustrations and spot art for the book that I don't want to show off right away, but this first book will be half comic half art book. I wanted to do a comic book and an illustration book so I thought why not combine them! This will also be my first time printing FULL COLOR comics so this is exciting for me. It will take more work but I think it will really benefit the comic overall.

Photo of the first page right after I finished inking it (and smudging it, which will be fixed in Photoshop).  I decided to use a combination of liner pens and brush pens to ink this book, rather than the watercolor brush I ink Alencia comics with. I'm also considering doing Alencia comics in color in the future if I get more comfortable with coloring.

I'm really excited for these new books I'm working on and I will have more to share on these as work progresses! Don't forget to follow me on Facebook to see behind the scenes photos and snippits, as well as my Instagram where I also share WIP photos of my work. I also have comics and prints available on my Storenvy!

Contest Time!

Hey everyone! Keeping up with the momentum I currently have I'm crossing off another task on my to-do list for 2015, by having a contest! If you shimmy on over to my the FranRowanArt facebook page you can find the contest post. But here's what it says:

☆☆Contest time! ☆☆
What do?- All you have to do is like my page AND like or share this post! Easy peasy!

What win?- There are two prize packs up for grabs! The "Adventurer Pack" which includes a copy of "Alencia: Tomb of the Unspoken," a 6x9" Alencia print, an original Alencia ink drawing that was featured in the first Alencia book, "A Noble Deed," as well as a raw crystal pendent that I made myself.
The second prize pack is the Art Card Pack which features a copy of "Alencia : Tomb of the Unspoken" and a custom ink drawing of your choice! When I contact the winner I will ask you what you'd like me to draw for you. The art will be on an A6 size piece of manga paper.

I also want to let you know that the books in this giveaway have a little chunk cut out of the top right corner of them. This is minor damage that in no way effects how the books are read. It happened when they were printed and I wouldn't feel right selling them so now they are free! Both books will be autographed and doodled in by myself. Winners will have a chance to tell me what they would like doodled, otherwise I'll do what I want.
I will be using my lucky purple D20 to pick the winners. The contest deadline will be as the clock strikes midnight announcing the morning of February 8th.
Please let me know if I forgot any needed information. This is my first contest! Have fun and good luck!

"Adventure's Pack" featuring a copy of "Alencia: Tomb of the Unspoken," a 6x9" Alencia print, an original Alencia ink drawing that appeared in the first Alencia book, and a raw crystal necklace made by myself.

"Adventure's Pack" featuring a copy of "Alencia: Tomb of the Unspoken," a 6x9" Alencia print, an original Alencia ink drawing that appeared in the first Alencia book, and a raw crystal necklace made by myself.

"Art Card Pack," featuring the new Alencia book and a personalized A6 sized art card. The winner will get to choose what I draw on it!

"Art Card Pack," featuring the new Alencia book and a personalized A6 sized art card. The winner will get to choose what I draw on it!

You can only qualify for the contest by liking my facebook page, and liking OR sharing the contest post from my page. Good luck to those who enter! It's going to be fun :D


Launching into 2015

Hey everyone! I can't believe it's already 2015! January is almost over and it still hasn't sunk in for me yet :P

This year had a very rough start. Soon after Christmas a friend of mine passed away and I've been in an emotional funk ever since. My day job has kept me busy but I still turn to art for solace so I haven't been idle in that area. I have been working on story boards for the next Alencia book as well as book 1 of "Unintentionally Alice" which I've decided I really want to finish this year. This book will be special as my partner in crime Ryan is the writer for this project. This book will also be half comic, and half art book as I have been collecting many drawings and illustrations for the soon to be series. It will also be my first completely colored project, as my comics tend to have grey-scale or black and white interior pages. Lots of firsts for this next book! I'm not sure if the next Alencia book, "Voice in the Walls" will be completed this year but I hope to at least get most of it finished before the year's end.

Today I also managed to get new online store launched! I will now be selling my comics and artwork at  Right now I have the first two Alencia books, the last of my Kale books, 6x9" prints, and some jewelry up for sale, but I will have more jewelry and LOTS of original artwork up for sale soon. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks!

My new store! Featuring an Alencia inspired color scheme.

I've also got a give-away coming up soon where I will be giving out some copies of "Alencia: Tomb of the Unspoken," as well as prints and other special prizes! Info for that will be coming very soon!

And before I go I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your support! It means so much to me when folks talk comics with me and give me words of encouragement. Thanks everybody!


Super Mega Update!

Hey everyone! It's been a long 3 months since I last updated but a lot has been going on! Between seemingly random overtime at work (and much more on the horizon for the holiday season), getting food poisoning, going to weddings and being really tired, I've managed to get some things done.

VAComicon is in two weeks and I've been gearing up to get my booth set up with fresh new merchandise including comics, prints, jewelry and commissions! The newest Alencia comics are on their way right now, and my new post card prints have already arrived. I'm also preparing original pieces of artwork to sell in the form of small watercolor paintings, small color illustrations and maybe comic pages?

I'm feeling the tight knots of excitement and nervousness as I prepare for what will be the biggest convention I've ever tabled at (and my first real booth!).

I even have a 7ft tall banner for my table! Another first for me :)

I even have a 7ft tall banner for my table! Another first for me :)

A peek at my post cards prints in very bad lighting. They are 9"x6"

A peek at my post cards prints in very bad lighting. They are 9"x6"

Also through October I participated in "31 Days of Halloween Art" where everyday in October I draw something, be it a full illustration, ink drawing, or concept art. It was my third year in a row doing this and I managed about 20 pieces of art for the month with varying degrees of polish on each piece. Overall I'm very proud of all the work I've completed and it has reminded me that no matter how busy I am I should make as much time as I can for drawing. It may sound like a no brainer but sometimes I feel the need to just sit and work on an illustration or comic from start to finish and sometimes that just isn't feasible. But doing any amount of drawing can make me feel better during a tough work day, even if I'm tired or sick. I think next year I may doing it again as "Inktober" and challenge myself to only use ink, and maybe even my trusty brush to ink a drawing every day.

Here are a few of my favorites from October! The most polished ones have been posted to the "Personal Illustrations" section of the site, and I'll be putting all of them up on tumblr as a photo set (or set of photo sets). Before now tumblr and Facebook only had photos I had taken with my phone of the illustrations but now I've scanned and color corrected them so they look much better.

"The Witch of the Pyramid"

"Cutie Cyclops"

"Cemetery Lolita"

"Dead Tier" aka "I have feelings about Homestuck"

Many of the illustrations I've done will be on sale at VAComicon and depending on how much stock I have left I will be opening my Storenvy with all that remains so folks who didn't get to go the con will be able to pick something up in time for the holidays!

As for VAComicon itself, here is the floor plan so you can come visit me! I'm at booth 24~


I can't wait for the con and I hope to see you all there! If you can't make it stay tuned to my Facebook page for my Storenvy grand opening!

Chugging along

Hello all!

Things have been busy lately, lots of over time at the day job, preparing for the delightfully successful 'Star Day' at MADarts, and still chugging along with preparations for VA Comicon's 2 Day event in November. My to-do list is getting shorter and this pleases me greatly.

Star Day was a great success. I was able to meet local authors, artists, videographers and arts enthusiasts. It was so inspiring! I got to talk about my inspirations for creating my Kale and Alencia stories and events in my life that deeply influenced them (more on that later!).

The table set up for the event. I shared the spotlight with Sheila A. Dane and Bryen O'Riley and their fantasy novels.

As far as convention prep is going I have recently acquired a Square card reader and App for my phone so I can take card payments at the convention. I have also received a new shipment of "Alencia: A Nobel Deed" books. I accidentally ordered different paper than I usually do but they printed so nicely I really don't mind. I am also very close to finishing up formatting the new Alencia book, "Tomb of the Unspoken", for print. I realized while going through the pages again that I should explain something better for the sake of the story so I need to insert a new page to do so. I was hoping to finish that this weekend but it might take longer now.

I have also just made an order for some new business cards, and am in the planning stages of getting a standing banner made! It's all very exciting to me and as I get more tense that time is passing I also can breathe a sigh of relief as things are getting done. Let's see what's left:

  • Wait for template for standing Banner/do banner artwork
  • Alencia: TotU formatting and cover illustration
  • get card reader/inventory taker set up
  • "Unintentionally Alice" preview book (scan pages, format, cover illo., print)
  • prints/bookmarks/buttons?

Aside from all the convention busyness I'm also working on setting up a Patreon page! As soon as I'm ready to go live with it I'll be sure to spread the word and the link.

See you all soon!

Updates and Goings On

Hello all! Things have been pretty hectic over the last few months since getting this website up but here's a tl;dr version to catch everyone up to speed:

  • Weather has cleared up so snow days aren't slowing me down.
  • My health has improved so I can walk better now and can literally not be slowed down.
  • I've had overtime on and off at work but we should be in the clear. No overtime on the horizon as of right now.
  • I've secured a booth at Virginia Comicon's 2 Day show in November. I talk about it more on the other blog here.
  • I have also applied to get a table at Nekocon, also for this November. I have to wait till the end of the month to hear if I got in or not so fingers crossed!
  • I'm currently working on a long list of goodies to have ready in time for these conventions. Feeling really good about that!

After some tinkering with this blog and my original blogspot I have realized that while I was able to transfer all my posts over here to the site, if I write new posts on blogger it will not transfer them to the website. So from now on I either need to cross post or just post here. I will be leaving up the blogger as I have been using it since 2007 and I don't see a need to completely shut it down. I haven't decided if I should cross post to it or just post here but I'm leaning to posting here more often. I would prefer to just update one site rather than more.

As for current projects the biggest things I'm working on finishing the second Alencia book of which I'm about 90% done with! I just have to add speech bubbles and dialogue, then complete the cover illustration and put it all together to send to the printer! I'm also hoping to have some buttons and/or charms relating to the comic as well.

I'm also doing a preview book for another comic series I'm working on with my fiance' Ryan of the 'Cult Moody' blog. It's a modern 'slice of life' story about a girl named Alice and her friends who work in a maid cafe'. There will also be side stories featuring background characters. It's an anthropomorphic/furry comic and also taking place in modern day so it's very different from my usual fantasy work but I'm very excited to be working on it. It's been on the back burner for a few years now and looking over Ryan's scripts I'm very excited to get something done for it this year. The book will be a preview/art book that will feature concept art and the first few pages of the first comic issue.

I better head back to the drawing board and do some more work. Previews and WIP shots coming up soon!



MYST: The Adora Saga

Hey Everyone!
As today is a snow day from work AND I finally feel like I'm getting over this second head cold I decided to get some artwork done today. First is an illustration I was commissioned to do for the 'Adora Blog' where hundreds of artists have created their own rendition of the adorable Adora and where her father blogs about her adventures. I chose my theme from a long list that was written out and when I saw MYST was an option, I jumped on it!

Done with a mix of pencil, colored pencil, ink, copic markers, and Photoshop.

I'm also currently working on an illustration for possible convention prints, finishing the second Alencia book, and doing thumbnails for Unintentionally Alice, a comic project Ryan and I are both working on. I'm also still trying to figure out how to turn my wordpress blog into the perfect portfolio/blog hub but just when I think I've got it figured out I realize I really don't. I'm gonna keep working on it but if anyone has any tips about how to have a porfolio page and a blog on there please let me know. Here is what I have so far if you'd like to take a look and give me your feedback. Idealy I'd like to have a tab for just my portfolio (so it's kind of like my Carbonmade page) and then on another tab have the blog part where I can talk about WIP and my creative process. At this rate I might just stick to blogger and Carbonmade but it just doesn't feel quite professional enough :/

Anyway thanks in advance for any feed back!
Back to work for me!