Cosplay Progress- 'Fancy Dog-Tier Jade'

Hello everyone!

Sorry it's been silent around here but things have been busy as usual. Getting ready for Nekocon was busy and luckily not toooo stressful but it was a good time in the end. I didn't really get any photos of me wearing my cosplay but I did take progress photos as I made the Dog-tier hood, which turned into a lined full circle cloak.

Side view so you can see how long the 'tails' of the hood are.

Front view.

Detail of the hood's trim, which I got at Joanne's. It was expensive but made less so with the help of coupons. I also added wire to the inside of the hood's rim so I could pose it for photos as well as making it easier to wear.

For the trim around the cloak I used a beautiful black lace that I had picked up back in England. I had a lot of it luckily and there was more than enough for this cloak. I had originally bought the hood's trim for the cloak rim but when I decided to make it full circle there clearly wasn't enough. I also added little satin bows to the front as a cute detail.

And here is a peek at the interior lining of the cloak. It's a black fabric with grey designs of birds and flowers in a classical style. I had used this fabric in high school to make a bag out of (which I still have).

Once we get some time and maybe some snowy weather I want to take better photos of the whole costume together. I spent enough time on it I need nicer photos of the whole thing :P

I'm also currently working on a commission that I don't want to share until it's done, and I'm going to try to gather up sketches to scan soon and share before our four weeks of overtime hits at the very end of the month.
So stay tuned!