December Doodles

Hi all! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! I've been really busy at work but now that the holidays are winding down I'm looking forward to some early spring cleaning and getting more work done! In the mean time here are a few things I've done lately.

A drawing done for my friend Seir of her beautiful ball jointed doll who seems to have a life of her own.

A little WIP drawing of a mori style girl. I've been really into 'Dark Forest Mori' and 'Strega' styles recently and even picked up some great wardrobe pieces today. I love the layering of textures and fabrics as well as the darker nature themes. More on that soon.

I've got some more work coming up but most needs to be scanned. In the mean time here's a tl;dr to do list for myself:

+ Finish setting up online store (photos and descriptions, take inventory)
+ Finish branding research and set up
+ Set up website, hosting and domain name
+ Finish second Alencia book
+ Choose conventions to show at and set up registration and plans for attending said cons.
+ Get house cleaned up and sorted

Lots of work to do...