Super Mega Update!

Hey everyone! It's been a long 3 months since I last updated but a lot has been going on! Between seemingly random overtime at work (and much more on the horizon for the holiday season), getting food poisoning, going to weddings and being really tired, I've managed to get some things done.

VAComicon is in two weeks and I've been gearing up to get my booth set up with fresh new merchandise including comics, prints, jewelry and commissions! The newest Alencia comics are on their way right now, and my new post card prints have already arrived. I'm also preparing original pieces of artwork to sell in the form of small watercolor paintings, small color illustrations and maybe comic pages?

I'm feeling the tight knots of excitement and nervousness as I prepare for what will be the biggest convention I've ever tabled at (and my first real booth!).

I even have a 7ft tall banner for my table! Another first for me :)

I even have a 7ft tall banner for my table! Another first for me :)

A peek at my post cards prints in very bad lighting. They are 9"x6"

A peek at my post cards prints in very bad lighting. They are 9"x6"

Also through October I participated in "31 Days of Halloween Art" where everyday in October I draw something, be it a full illustration, ink drawing, or concept art. It was my third year in a row doing this and I managed about 20 pieces of art for the month with varying degrees of polish on each piece. Overall I'm very proud of all the work I've completed and it has reminded me that no matter how busy I am I should make as much time as I can for drawing. It may sound like a no brainer but sometimes I feel the need to just sit and work on an illustration or comic from start to finish and sometimes that just isn't feasible. But doing any amount of drawing can make me feel better during a tough work day, even if I'm tired or sick. I think next year I may doing it again as "Inktober" and challenge myself to only use ink, and maybe even my trusty brush to ink a drawing every day.

Here are a few of my favorites from October! The most polished ones have been posted to the "Personal Illustrations" section of the site, and I'll be putting all of them up on tumblr as a photo set (or set of photo sets). Before now tumblr and Facebook only had photos I had taken with my phone of the illustrations but now I've scanned and color corrected them so they look much better.

"The Witch of the Pyramid"

"Cutie Cyclops"

"Cemetery Lolita"

"Dead Tier" aka "I have feelings about Homestuck"

Many of the illustrations I've done will be on sale at VAComicon and depending on how much stock I have left I will be opening my Storenvy with all that remains so folks who didn't get to go the con will be able to pick something up in time for the holidays!

As for VAComicon itself, here is the floor plan so you can come visit me! I'm at booth 24~


I can't wait for the con and I hope to see you all there! If you can't make it stay tuned to my Facebook page for my Storenvy grand opening!