Chugging along

Hello all!

Things have been busy lately, lots of over time at the day job, preparing for the delightfully successful 'Star Day' at MADarts, and still chugging along with preparations for VA Comicon's 2 Day event in November. My to-do list is getting shorter and this pleases me greatly.

Star Day was a great success. I was able to meet local authors, artists, videographers and arts enthusiasts. It was so inspiring! I got to talk about my inspirations for creating my Kale and Alencia stories and events in my life that deeply influenced them (more on that later!).

The table set up for the event. I shared the spotlight with Sheila A. Dane and Bryen O'Riley and their fantasy novels.

As far as convention prep is going I have recently acquired a Square card reader and App for my phone so I can take card payments at the convention. I have also received a new shipment of "Alencia: A Nobel Deed" books. I accidentally ordered different paper than I usually do but they printed so nicely I really don't mind. I am also very close to finishing up formatting the new Alencia book, "Tomb of the Unspoken", for print. I realized while going through the pages again that I should explain something better for the sake of the story so I need to insert a new page to do so. I was hoping to finish that this weekend but it might take longer now.

I have also just made an order for some new business cards, and am in the planning stages of getting a standing banner made! It's all very exciting to me and as I get more tense that time is passing I also can breathe a sigh of relief as things are getting done. Let's see what's left:

  • Wait for template for standing Banner/do banner artwork
  • Alencia: TotU formatting and cover illustration
  • get card reader/inventory taker set up
  • "Unintentionally Alice" preview book (scan pages, format, cover illo., print)
  • prints/bookmarks/buttons?

Aside from all the convention busyness I'm also working on setting up a Patreon page! As soon as I'm ready to go live with it I'll be sure to spread the word and the link.

See you all soon!