Alencia T-Shirt and Podcast Recomendations

Hey guys!
I've been playing around with the idea of making Alencia T-shirts for a long time (especially since I work at a t-shirt company) and have been working on thumbnail ideas during my lunch breaks. Today I decided to give my favorite idea a try and drew it out today.

My initial idea is to make the shirt look like it might belong to a metal band. I've been playing with motifs and decided to have Theolyn star on the shirt himself. An undead cat is pretty metal right?

I'm going to try and make an order soon. They might have to remove the grey background for me so it can be printed on a dark grey shirt, so the black line art is preserved. Once I print myself one or two I will photograph them and see if there is any interest in getting more made. I work in quality control so I'll be really picky about their print quality :P
I also want to try another, maybe more metal shirt design, featuring Alencia and using really bright colors like green and purple and playing with white usage and using the black of the T-shirt for "spot black" areas. I'm as excited about possibly making t-shirts as I am for making comics! I'll keep you posted here as well as my Facebook page with updates on this project!

I also want to point out lately that while working I've been listening to some really great podcasts. First is "The Cromcast" where the three hosts read and then discuss the works of Robert E. Howard (author of Conan).  Their first season featured Conan stories, the second was heroines and swashbuckling bad-ass ladies, and the current third series is covering Solomon Kane. I knew nothing about Solomon Kane coming into the podcast and as I learned more about him and his stories I've started noticing some great similarities to them and complexities that I've been thinking about regarding Alencia's holy mission and her feelings on it. It has given me things to think about and examine and I'm really enjoying it so far and highly recommend the podcast! You can listen to them on iTunes and the Sticher app. Here is their blog and Facebook page.

The next podcast I've been listening to is "The Adventure Zone." I was recommended it by a friend and I've been laughing so hard at it. It's a group of brothers and their dad (all adults) playing a game of D&D together. There's a wizard named Taako (Taco) and it's just wonderful. I don't get to play D&D anymore and now I can live vicariously through this hilarious podcast. Here is the blog I've been listening through. I'm on episode 7 as I write this.

So enjoy the t-shirt progress, enjoy the podcasts and I'll keep you guys up to date on my projects! Find me on facebook, instagram, and tumblr~