Entering 2016

Hello everyone! It's been quite a hectic year and now we're well into 2016.

Where to begin?

As far as comic projects go I'm about 10 drawn and inked pages into both "Alencia: Voice in the Walls" and "Unintentionally Alice." I'm enjoying both projects but both present different challenges. Alencia's book is currently at a point with characters talking so I do my best to keep layout interesting so no one looks at the page and is like "oh no, talking heads!" I try to avoid that and keep it interesting for both the reader and myself. Alice's challenge is that I have chosen to digitally color this series. I'm trying to keep it simple so I don't loose my mind doing it (I've only used digital grey tones until now) as well as trying not to get too hung up on things like shadows and how things should be lit, I'm allowing myself to be more free with the coloring so it looks good as well as being fun to do.

WIP shot of page 1 of "Unintentionally Alice."

I've been trying for the last few months to get tables for a few cons in my state/area. I haven't had much luck this time around so I've opted to experience conventions as an attendee; and a cosplayer. This year I'm joining three of my friends for a group cosplay of the lady adventurers, The Rat Queens! I'm incredibly excited to go to Mysticon, where we will be debuting our costumes, (and George R.R. Martin will be there!) as well as learning how to make foam armor. I'm going to be carrying over techniques I learn from this into future prop making as well.

My desk after applying wood glue to the bent pieces of foam. The book I'm using as a guide is "Foamsmith" by Bill Doran. Check out his YouTube channels for more tutorials!

Since I don't have any conventions lined up yet I have been diligently working on merchandise, as well as books, that I can later print and sell online as well as future conventions. I've been working on designs for stickers, formatting art books, working with apoxie sculpt to customize some Pop Vinyl figures, as well as looking into more ambitious projects like vinyl toy making! One of my many hobbies includes toy collecting, specifically anime figures and statues, and I hope that one day I can start making detailed toys and figures of my own characters. As technology grows with things like 3D printers these kinds of ambitions of mine are becoming more and more reachable which I find incredibly inspiring. Dream big or go home right?

I have the next two weeks off from work (a non-paid 2 week winter break that my company is experimenting with) so I'm looking forward to staying home and working my butt off all my projects; starting with tweaking this website. Look forward to more updates and don't forget to follow me on facebook for more behind the scenes looks and works in progress!