It's Gonna Be May!

Hey everyone! It's been a few months since my last check in so here's what's going on:

Book 3 of Alencia is completely drawn and inked and scanned into my computer. But then my computer hasn't been working and I've been struggling to simultaneously fix it and get so anxious that I ignore it. So now neither is working so I have face the fact that I will soon need to carry my huge iMac into a store and have someone hopefully fix it. Or tell me it's "vintage" like last time >_> However I still have the files so my plan is that if I can't fix my computer I can either get some programs for my PC laptop so I can work on them there, or use the computers at my work on the weekend to work on them. So there are back up plans in place. 

Aside from Alencia I have also finished drawing a 7 page comic about my childhood death experience (which is an important catalysis in the creation of Alencia). I'm trying to keep it in a more rough zine style book so I can sell it at a cheaper price point. I still need to add text (I've been trying with a program that came with my scanner but it is absolute rubbish so I need to start over).

I'm about 10 inked pages into the first issue of "Unintentionally Alice." I haven't gotten to do anymore coloring on it but now that Alencia and the mini comic are done being drawn I'm chugging away on Alice.

I've also started painting on wooden panels lately with acrylics. It's fun because I've been painting desserts and fantastical portraits of animal people. And I can use glitter and no one can tell me no! I'm planning on re-opening my Etsy store and selling some of these paintings on it. I've also made a ton more crystal point necklaces, my "adventurer trinkets" that I like bringing to conventions. They are fun to make and more of a hobby while the rest of my art is my passion.

Aside from all the arting I'm also trying to get into some local conventions. Fingers crossed they work out! The ones I'm focusing on are during the summer so after that I can focus on beefing up my Etsy store and hopefully making some holiday season sales while my day job picks up for the hectic seasonal rush. I've really dropped the ball on stocking and promoting my store during the last two years so I really want to get on that, as well as reaching out to local stores with more products and promotions. I'm starting to feel like a real business :P