Coming Up Soon!

Joyous Joy! My iMac is now totally fixed and most of my programs are working again (at least everything I need to finish the next Alencia book is!). I'm now a few pages in on toning and lettering "Alencia: Voice in the Walls," and am aiming to be done by the end of July at the latest. I realized while working on pages that I don't actually have a cover done yet so most of my deadline will probably go towards finishing that so the book can be sent to the printers on time. I'm just glad I'm doing alright with time.

As 2016 started I made a decision to not table at conventions this year but to attend new ones and do research for ones I would like to apply to next year. I was hoping this would take pressure off of me but I actually got excited instead and applied for a few cons at the end of this year :P I'm currently waiting to hear from a local anime/gaming convention soon, but in the mean time here is my current 2016 convention line up:

FREDCON- Saturday, July 16, 10AM- 7PM

FREDCON was nice enough to make me this neat social media banner with my mug on it!

FREDCON was nice enough to make me this neat social media banner with my mug on it!

137 Spotsylvania Mall Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22407-1126

"First Ever Fredcon being held at Spotsylvania Town Center. Comic Creators. Vendors. Artist Alley. Games. And More!!! Free to the public." (from their Facebook page)

3rd Annual Fredericksburg Pagan Pride Day, Saturday, September 10th, 10AM- 6PM

Old Mill Park, 2216 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

"Come celebrate Pagan Pride Day with your Community!"

This will be my first outdoor event so I have a little shopping list ready for things that I will need to purchase, like a 10'x10' canopy, folding table, chairs, etc. I'm pretty excited for this event as I've never done events outside of comics or anime (or 'outside' in general) but I think the deep pagan roots some of my work has should fit in well here. My buddy Reach will also be there so if you're in the area be sure to come check us, and the rest of Pagan Pride Day, out! You can also check out their website here.


As well as these conventions I'm also gearing up to relaunch my Etsy store. I've been on Storenvy for a while now but I realized as a buyer I tend to use Etsy more for purchasing things from other artists, so I'm going to reopen my Etsy and have books and trinkets on offering for the holiday season! My day job is VERY demanding during the holiday season (usually Thanksgiving through till just after Christmas) so if I do get orders I will be taking care of them before my shifts/during the mornings. Luckily I live near the post office so this shouldn't be too difficult but it will be my first time having an operating online store that I will actually be trying to sell from during the holidays. I've kind of dropped the ball on offering anything due to the day job and being so exhausted from my shifts, but I'd really like to give it a go this year and see what happens.

That's all my plans for right now. I've got some small paintings and projects ready for these upcoming conventions and have been sharing my progress on those via Instagram.

Back to work on comics for me now!