2016 Conventions

Hello everyone! I have good news! I'm now confirmed for my third con/event of 2016...


OmegaCon is pretty local for me and I had an absolute blast there last year. It is in a different location this year, it's back in it's original hotel but I'm hoping the turn out will be just as lively and engaging as it was last year. This is also good for me because I was using OmegaCon as my deadline for completing the third Alencia book. (Unintentionally Alice is still in progress but will likely be released some time next year. I'll release more info as I figure things out. But I'll definitely be working on it more once "Voice in the Walls" is done.)

If you're interested in going to OmegaCon be sure to hit up the facebook page and I hope to see some familiar faces there!

(Also the 'events' page is now updated with all the cons I will be attending this year.)