One more con to go!

Hey everyone! FredCon and OmegaCon have come and gone, and now I have one more event to vend at before the craziness of the holidays hits my day job. That will be the Fredricksburg Pagan Pride Day on September 10th.  I will be there with all three Alencia issues, prints, jewelry (some new pieces and the last of my crystal ones. I'm going to be phasing these out through my next few conventions. Jewelry is fun to make but I want to concentrate on things more related to my comics.) as well as original art pieces (illustrations and paintings).

I have also posted the preview pages for the third Alencia book, "Voice in the Walls." It's up in the COMICS section of the website.

In the mean time I'll be chugging away at the first issue of "Unintentionally Alice" and applying to conventions for next year. I'll see you next time with more news on that <3