Upcoming Conventions

Hey Everyone! I hope this year is treating everyone well! I come bearing news of conventions and new merch!

May 13-14th is Tidewater Comicon in Virginia Beach! Here is the FaceBook event page~

I will be in the Artist Alley at table 1607, near the Batmobile by the "Game Zone." Here is the exhibitor map.  I will be bringing some new original items including the first issue of my newest comic book series "Unintentionally Alice!" This series is special to me as my fiance Ryan Moody is the writer and it is my first real collaboration on a book series. (He will also be at the table so each issue of UA we sell will be signed by both of us!) It's a much lighter tone to my other original series, "Alencia" but I feel it is it's own beast entirely. It is an anthropomorphic slice of life story about a bunny girl named Alice who gets a job at a maid cafe as she deals with life after college. I'm really proud of Ryan's writing and character development and I'm so excited for the places he's taking the story after this first introduction issue. 

                            The cover for issue #1 of Unintentionally Alice.

Besides the new book I will also have new buttons, a book mark, and stickers featuring the main characters of Unintentionally Alice; as well as an Alencia sticker! I'm very excited about these buttons and stickers as they turned out SO GOOD! I was meant to have acrylic charms of the Alice girls and Alencia but unfortunately that fell through. I hope to have them later this year when I return to FREDCON.

I will also have a new print and mini poster done on a lovely white pearlescent card-stock! This illustration combines my love of anthropomorphic characters, Lolita fashion, and donuts! She'll be replacing my older sweet Lolita cat girl print that recently sold out. I think a fresh update was needed, but don't worry, my days of drawing fashionable cat girls are far from over. The mini poster is a limited edition (only 10 copies!) and will be numbered and signed.

I will also have some original paintings for sale, both wooden plaques and framed watercolor illustrations! Each are a one of a kind piece of art ready for a place in your home!

July 15th is FREDCON at the Spotsylvania Mall in Fredericksburg! Check out the event page!

I really enjoyed vending at this convention last year and meeting so many fantastic people! It was a joy to be at and I'm really excited to come back. The convention is a one day event taking place in the lovely Spotsylvania Mall. I hear this year will be bigger and take up more of the mall's space, which means more awesome vendors and fans! I love seeing all the cosplayers and people sharing the joys of their nerdy fandoms. Come hang out with me and Ryan and enjoy a lovely day!

As for merch I'm hoping to have acrylic character charms by then, and maybe a new print? Ryan and I are getting married in September so we're pretty busy with planning :P I can't wait to see everyone at these conventions!