Spring Updates

Hey Everyone! I got some cool news! I just launched my Patreon page!

I wanted to launch it sooner but I had it in my head that I needed to make a cool intro video to introduce myself and my artwork. And while I do want to make little videos like that and upload them to YouTube I felt that if I was going to use Patreon I'd need to figure out how to use it. And how better to figure that out then to just do it. So I did! Be sure to check it out since I can (and do) make public posts on there. I can also set posts as patron only with the option of becoming public in a few days. Keep your eyes out as I have a public post right now and another popping up in 2 days~ Any support is appreciated including sharing my link and chatting with me in comments.

I've got one more upcoming convention for this year, Fredcon! After that I will be looking into new conventions to try in 2018, including some I will be trying with friends. I'll release details as I get them. I will also be working on releasing new items to my Etsy store including new comics, prints, buttons and acrylic charms! I've been busy (and stressed) at my day job so I will likely upload new things to the store after Fredcon. But if that changes I will let you all know! 

I'm feeling really optimistic and excited for the future, thanks for coming along on this journey with me! <3