2018 Catching Up

Wow gang, I sure have neglected this blog :/

With all the upsets going on online (tumblr being even more of a dumpster fire than usual, even Patreon and YouTube having content/rule issues) I realized I need to put more time and care into my own website so I will start doing that. Think of it as a permanently needed new years resolution.

I thought I’d do a bit of reflection so I can see how far I’ve come before setting up my goals for the next year. Looking back I hit some highs, and lows. My biggest of both tie in together.

I was selected to table at SPX this year, a huge opportunity that I spent most of the year gearing up for. I churned out three zines I was excited about (one was really a soft cover art book), as well as getting to work on the next Alencia book, and made more new merch like stickers and acrylic charms. However hurricane Florence had other plans and I had to make the decision to put me and my helpers’ safety above going. I had to cancel the con and the hotel booking. Then the storm took enough of a turn that I probably could have gone. Missing SPX was a huge blow to me. So many of my contemporaries and heroes were there. I felt like tabling at SPX would have been a huge boon my comics career and would have allowed me some great networking opportunities. So after spiraling into depression for a good two weeks after (which I was able to find some solace in Skyrim and Vine compilation videos on YouTube) I finally got back on the horse and into creating.

One of those creating projects that made me feel better was jewelry making. I started following a lot of jewelry makers and metal smiths on Instagram and I really admire the work they are able to create. I really wish I had been able to take silver-smithing or metal work in art school but I never had the chance to explore those classes. I hope I can in the future (something I WILL be looking into). As fun as beading and putting together jewelry is, I really wish I could create more unique pieces that no one else has to offer. I think this will be become a goal later on.

As for comics I have a few things sorted out that I’m working towards. For one, I now realize that for “Unintentionally Alice” I really should have just done the comic digitally. For the recent art book I did a one page comic about Alice’s parents and doing it digitally just looked so much better. When doing the actual comic book I kept swaying back and forth on how I was going to draw and ink it. Would I use brush and ink, or ink pens? So I did both and colored digitally. I spent so much energy worrying about how I was presenting the comic that by the end of it I was easily burnt out (I feel it shows in the coloring). But knowing all this just pushes me to make the next issue SO MUCH better. I want to do Ryan and his characters much more justice, and now I’m excited to work on issue #2.

I’m still chugging away at the next Alencia book. I’ve finished the writing to a point that I can present this story as done (or this part, since Alencia’s story will be ongoing). I’ve also been shopping Alencia to publishers I really want to work with. Fingers crossed! As for working on the newest book I’m really loving it so far. I’m so excited about this new story, with refreshed characters (from my first book “Kale: Lost & Found”) as well as new characters, and much more interesting story/better writing. I’m also proud of how far my digital work has come. Clip Studio Paint has been a joy to work with and I feel it’s starting to show in my digital work.

Its taken me a while to write this so I will come back later with my art goals for next year. I want to ruminate on them more while I try not to panic about Christmas being around the corner.

I hope you all have a safe holiday season/Yule/New Years and have lots of good food! As the sky gets darker make sure the flame inside you doesn’t go out <3