Alencia T-Shirt and Podcast Recomendations

Hey guys!
I've been playing around with the idea of making Alencia T-shirts for a long time (especially since I work at a t-shirt company) and have been working on thumbnail ideas during my lunch breaks. Today I decided to give my favorite idea a try and drew it out today.

My initial idea is to make the shirt look like it might belong to a metal band. I've been playing with motifs and decided to have Theolyn star on the shirt himself. An undead cat is pretty metal right?

I'm going to try and make an order soon. They might have to remove the grey background for me so it can be printed on a dark grey shirt, so the black line art is preserved. Once I print myself one or two I will photograph them and see if there is any interest in getting more made. I work in quality control so I'll be really picky about their print quality :P
I also want to try another, maybe more metal shirt design, featuring Alencia and using really bright colors like green and purple and playing with white usage and using the black of the T-shirt for "spot black" areas. I'm as excited about possibly making t-shirts as I am for making comics! I'll keep you posted here as well as my Facebook page with updates on this project!

I also want to point out lately that while working I've been listening to some really great podcasts. First is "The Cromcast" where the three hosts read and then discuss the works of Robert E. Howard (author of Conan).  Their first season featured Conan stories, the second was heroines and swashbuckling bad-ass ladies, and the current third series is covering Solomon Kane. I knew nothing about Solomon Kane coming into the podcast and as I learned more about him and his stories I've started noticing some great similarities to them and complexities that I've been thinking about regarding Alencia's holy mission and her feelings on it. It has given me things to think about and examine and I'm really enjoying it so far and highly recommend the podcast! You can listen to them on iTunes and the Sticher app. Here is their blog and Facebook page.

The next podcast I've been listening to is "The Adventure Zone." I was recommended it by a friend and I've been laughing so hard at it. It's a group of brothers and their dad (all adults) playing a game of D&D together. There's a wizard named Taako (Taco) and it's just wonderful. I don't get to play D&D anymore and now I can live vicariously through this hilarious podcast. Here is the blog I've been listening through. I'm on episode 7 as I write this.

So enjoy the t-shirt progress, enjoy the podcasts and I'll keep you guys up to date on my projects! Find me on facebook, instagram, and tumblr~

Paintings and Projects Update

Hello everyone! Sorry for the radio silence. It's been a busy few months so I thought I'd update you on a few things I've been working on~

Earlier this year a dear friend of mine passed away due to complications from Diabetes. His passing hit the RVA community pretty hard and many friends of mine were also affected by his passing. He was a wise, gentle and welcoming man and my heart forever goes out to his family.  I regret I was unable to make it to his funeral but I wanted to be able to honor him in my own way. Yesterday I finally completed my tribute to him.

Watercolor, acrylic paint, graphite and marker on Watercolor paper.

As good as it feels to work in watercolor again I've been sticking with inkwork a lot lately. Here are a few Alencia themed pieces I've been working on while doing some more writing for the next few books and story arches.

Rough unedited drawing of a scene I had in my head involving Alencia rescuing Theolyn from a tower/dungeon he was captured in, where his life is truly at risk. I wanted to show her anger and wrathful feelings overcoming her.

Rough ink drawing of Alencia and a still unnamed friend. She'll be involved in a whole story arc, I'm very much looking forward to it.

This is was meant to be part of a sign for my table display I made for a November convention I tabled at. I ended up not using it but I may later down the road as I really like how she came out.

Aside from the next Alencia books I'm also working on my collaboration project with my fiance' Ryan, "Unintentionally Alice." Its' an anthropomorphic drama/comedy about a group of girls who work at a maid cafe. I recently re-started working on the comic pages for it as the first 5 or so pages I already completed didn't meet my standards. I'm currently working on page 3 and these new pages are such an improvement already! Aside from redrawing them I've also decided to change the size of the book. It will be a standard US comic size, rather than the smaller 'manga size' I usually print my books in. To accommodate this I'm now working on larger sheets of Bristol paper (11x17") and I'm enjoying it so far. I haven't worked in this size since my days at SCAD about six years ago :P

I've also been working on a lot of illustrations and spot art for the book that I don't want to show off right away, but this first book will be half comic half art book. I wanted to do a comic book and an illustration book so I thought why not combine them! This will also be my first time printing FULL COLOR comics so this is exciting for me. It will take more work but I think it will really benefit the comic overall.

Photo of the first page right after I finished inking it (and smudging it, which will be fixed in Photoshop).  I decided to use a combination of liner pens and brush pens to ink this book, rather than the watercolor brush I ink Alencia comics with. I'm also considering doing Alencia comics in color in the future if I get more comfortable with coloring.

I'm really excited for these new books I'm working on and I will have more to share on these as work progresses! Don't forget to follow me on Facebook to see behind the scenes photos and snippits, as well as my Instagram where I also share WIP photos of my work. I also have comics and prints available on my Storenvy!

Contest Time!

Hey everyone! Keeping up with the momentum I currently have I'm crossing off another task on my to-do list for 2015, by having a contest! If you shimmy on over to my the FranRowanArt facebook page you can find the contest post. But here's what it says:

☆☆Contest time! ☆☆
What do?- All you have to do is like my page AND like or share this post! Easy peasy!

What win?- There are two prize packs up for grabs! The "Adventurer Pack" which includes a copy of "Alencia: Tomb of the Unspoken," a 6x9" Alencia print, an original Alencia ink drawing that was featured in the first Alencia book, "A Noble Deed," as well as a raw crystal pendent that I made myself.
The second prize pack is the Art Card Pack which features a copy of "Alencia : Tomb of the Unspoken" and a custom ink drawing of your choice! When I contact the winner I will ask you what you'd like me to draw for you. The art will be on an A6 size piece of manga paper.

I also want to let you know that the books in this giveaway have a little chunk cut out of the top right corner of them. This is minor damage that in no way effects how the books are read. It happened when they were printed and I wouldn't feel right selling them so now they are free! Both books will be autographed and doodled in by myself. Winners will have a chance to tell me what they would like doodled, otherwise I'll do what I want.
I will be using my lucky purple D20 to pick the winners. The contest deadline will be as the clock strikes midnight announcing the morning of February 8th.
Please let me know if I forgot any needed information. This is my first contest! Have fun and good luck!

"Adventure's Pack" featuring a copy of "Alencia: Tomb of the Unspoken," a 6x9" Alencia print, an original Alencia ink drawing that appeared in the first Alencia book, and a raw crystal necklace made by myself.

"Adventure's Pack" featuring a copy of "Alencia: Tomb of the Unspoken," a 6x9" Alencia print, an original Alencia ink drawing that appeared in the first Alencia book, and a raw crystal necklace made by myself.

"Art Card Pack," featuring the new Alencia book and a personalized A6 sized art card. The winner will get to choose what I draw on it!

"Art Card Pack," featuring the new Alencia book and a personalized A6 sized art card. The winner will get to choose what I draw on it!

You can only qualify for the contest by liking my facebook page, and liking OR sharing the contest post from my page. Good luck to those who enter! It's going to be fun :D


Updates and Goings On

Hello all! Things have been pretty hectic over the last few months since getting this website up but here's a tl;dr version to catch everyone up to speed:

  • Weather has cleared up so snow days aren't slowing me down.
  • My health has improved so I can walk better now and can literally not be slowed down.
  • I've had overtime on and off at work but we should be in the clear. No overtime on the horizon as of right now.
  • I've secured a booth at Virginia Comicon's 2 Day show in November. I talk about it more on the other blog here.
  • I have also applied to get a table at Nekocon, also for this November. I have to wait till the end of the month to hear if I got in or not so fingers crossed!
  • I'm currently working on a long list of goodies to have ready in time for these conventions. Feeling really good about that!

After some tinkering with this blog and my original blogspot I have realized that while I was able to transfer all my posts over here to the site, if I write new posts on blogger it will not transfer them to the website. So from now on I either need to cross post or just post here. I will be leaving up the blogger as I have been using it since 2007 and I don't see a need to completely shut it down. I haven't decided if I should cross post to it or just post here but I'm leaning to posting here more often. I would prefer to just update one site rather than more.

As for current projects the biggest things I'm working on finishing the second Alencia book of which I'm about 90% done with! I just have to add speech bubbles and dialogue, then complete the cover illustration and put it all together to send to the printer! I'm also hoping to have some buttons and/or charms relating to the comic as well.

I'm also doing a preview book for another comic series I'm working on with my fiance' Ryan of the 'Cult Moody' blog. It's a modern 'slice of life' story about a girl named Alice and her friends who work in a maid cafe'. There will also be side stories featuring background characters. It's an anthropomorphic/furry comic and also taking place in modern day so it's very different from my usual fantasy work but I'm very excited to be working on it. It's been on the back burner for a few years now and looking over Ryan's scripts I'm very excited to get something done for it this year. The book will be a preview/art book that will feature concept art and the first few pages of the first comic issue.

I better head back to the drawing board and do some more work. Previews and WIP shots coming up soon!