Day 15?

Hey guys!
So my hands are hurting a bit from work today so instead of drawing a new sketch I'll be sharing a never before seen illustration that I did a few months ago. This is part of my Elder Scrolls fan book project collecting illustrations and comics, as well as photos of props I've made, having to do with the Elder Scrolls games (as well as showing my love for them).

This illustration features my Oblivion character Mureil the Shadow Bard. Its my personal headcannon that she is the grandmother of my Skyrim character Merion the Lioness.
Here she is offering glow dust to the shrine of Azura while she is also being rewarded for completing Azura's quest by receiving 'Azura's Star.'

In other news it turns out I'm going to have over time ALL WEEK starting tomorrow so I'll be working 10 hour days and getting home by about 1am every night. Which will be taking up the night hours that I usually work on these sketches so I'm hoping I'll have time in the mornings to get these done but just in case I don't I'll try to share more finished works that I've been unable to share previously (or have just forgotten about) so you'll have something nice to look at while I'm gone. So bare with me, this week will be a bit rough :/

In the mean time be sure to keep up with podcasting machine El Goro, as he reviews a movie every day with "31 Days of Halloween."

Day 14

Day 14 continues with the next monster girl design; Alien. Lately I've been getting nostalgic for old school Lolita fashion (early 2000's mainly) so I decided to indulge myself and draw an Alien girl in her first Lolita dress. She had to tare her second set of arms through it but otherwise its a nice fit! I also purposefully drew her without breasts. She's not a mammal and her design is lazy enough without making her too human :P

Not sure if its easy to tell but she's taking a mirror 'selfie' photo with her smart phone.

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Day 13

Hi all!
Today I'm feeling a bit rough so here is a rough self portrait, where I look how I feel.


Hoping to bring some more monster girls to the blog soon, I've got some design ideas. But in the mean time I gotta admit I'm liking the freedom and liveliness of this digital sketching I've been doing lately.

Don't forget to check out what El Goro is up to with his "31 Days of Halloween" podcast!

Day 12

Hey all!
For today's sketch I decided to try some 'pen sketching' by drawing without guide lines and just a black brush (digital brush in this case). El Goro was involved in a recent facebook conversation with my fiance Cult Moody to which a discussion about terrible big foot movies happened, and escalated into me and Moody looking up all the big foot movies we can and what we will encourage El Goro to watch. So here is El Goro buried under part of a mountain of terrible big foot movies. You can find a list of them here.

Honestly this could just as easily be me buried under there :/

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Day 9

Hello everyone! Keeping up with the monster girl challenge theme of the last few days I continue on with 'Robot' girl. I want to revisit this image as a short, wordless comic.

The story here is that this robot lady has been keeping her owner company during some kind of emergency where everyone was under 'lock down' in the apartment complex. They were there for a long time and he is now a corpse, but the robot doesn't really understand so she just keeps him company. And now years after a disaster of some kind, the apartment is being checked through by people and they open the door to find her there with his corpse. Lovely!

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Day 8

Following the continuation of the monster girls challenge, this entry is 'ghost girl' so I decided to do a design for the ghost that will be appearing in the next Alencia story I'll be starting after 'Tomb of the Unspoken' wraps up. This is the ghost of an elf woman who is haunting a house and causing distress to a woman that Alencia is helping. She is caught in one of her magic chalk circles (this one causes the spirit to be confined to a space and forces it to physically manifest so they can see her). I want her clothing to be influenced by eastern European folk clothing but it will probably differ in the final comic.

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Day 7

For today's doodle I decided to get back to the "30 days of Monster Girls" challenge and start some of those monster girl designs that I never got around to. Picking back up where I left off is #15- Dragon/Reptile, so here is my sassy and fashionable dragon girl. Keeping it as the intial sketch for now, I'd like to go in and ink/color her later.

I think I'll definitely be belting out a few of these monster girl design doodles this month, and then going back and polishing them up.
Stay tuned for more!

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