About the Artist

My name is Francesca Rowan. I am a comic artist, illustrator and jeweler. I create female led fantasy stories, and beautiful objects to bring elements of fantasy into your life!
I grew up moving across Germany, Italy, and England, and settled into the US in 2006. I grew up enjoying anime, fantasy literature, alternative fashion and heavy metal, and still draw inspiration from these passions well into adulthood. After remembering a death experience I had as a young child I began examining death as a theme in my work. I believe death is part of what makes life precious and the two can only exist with each other. I deeply enjoy creating and believe it's my purpose to use my art to, even in some small way, leave the world better than I found it. And if I can use my work to connect to people on an emotional level, or even to encourage them to create art themselves, then all the better!
For my comics and illustrations I work digitally and traditionally, favoring ink, watercolor and acrylic. My jewelry and trinkets are made with resin, silver, dried flowers, insects, bones, and precious stones. I prefer to keep themes of nature and death in both aspects of my work. The presence of death makes life all the more precious, so I choose to celebrate both in my art.
My art combines everything I love and everything I've lived; my experiences with death, my love of making people laugh, my curiosity of nature, my love of fashion, history and the occult. I strive to create stories, characters, and worlds that connect to readers on an emotional level, and to forge treasures to bring magic from those worlds into the everyday.When I'm not making art I enjoy playing video games, collecting toys, watching cartoons with my husband and playing D&D with my friends.
I’m the creator of the comic series "Alencia" and artist for "Unintentionally Alice."
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